Parents Say

“As moms, I’m sure we all remember the excitement of losing a tooth . . . eager to awake to a magical surprise. Now girls will know the “real” story of the tooth fairy.”

“Have you ever found something so fun, so special and so unique that you just had to share about it?”

“I love that The Real Tooth Fairies teach important values like sharing acts of kindness and virtues such as having a brave and loving heart.”

“The best part about the Real Tooth Fairies is that they promote confidence, character, and especially kindness.”

“Like a big sister or trusted friend, the Real Tooth Fairies have the ability to become your daughter’s favorite new buddy.”

“My daughter discovered she could know her own Tooth Fairy who would bring her letters and put them on her pillow. She just loved that whole idea, and as a parent, I also loved it!”

“After my daughter got her first Tooth Fairy letter, she woke up so excited! She said, ‘Mom, look! I’m crying happy tears’.”

“My daughter absolutely fell in love with Twinkle and she was writing Twinkle a letter almost every other day and she made a little spot in her room with her doll house so Twinkle would have a place to come and sit when she would come visit.”

“It’s not even about the teeth anymore. It’s about the relationship kids have with these Tooth Fairies. It’s really awesome.”

“The Tooth Fairies are a very creative and positive influence on my daughter.”

“I am a psychiatric social worker. I could not believe what I saw when I saw how your program works. The Tooth Fairies are speaking to kids’ personal situations.”

“I feel the Tooth Fairies’ kindness program has raised my daughter’s levels in school. I think it’s given her more incentive to pay more attention.”

“I just love the digital world … my daughter just loves it. Every day she says “can I go on my Tooth Fairy? Can I go on my Tooth Fairy and play?” It really is a positive influence in her life.”